Juniper Planning Major Router Upgrade

In the networking game, speed counts. As it continues to spar with its larger rival Cisco, Juniper knows this all too well. In that spirit, the company is beginning to test silicon technology what will be a more than twofold increase in routing speeds.

Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look at the new gear, and hears from Juniper about its timetable to bring the devices to market.

Juniper’s core networking routers are set for a major speed boost that will more than double existing bandwidth capacities.

Juniper (NYSE: JNPR) said today that it is developing and testing a new generation of silicon for its T-series core routers that will enable their flagship T1600 platform to scale up to 4 Tbps.

The T1600 was introduced in 2007 with total capacity of 1.6 Tbps for a half rack, and 100 Gbps per slot. The new silicon will be an in-service upgrade for the T1600s that will provide users with 250 Gbps of bandwidth per slot.

Juniper plans to test the new silicon with customers this year, with the product scheduled to hit the market in 2011.

The new silicon is an additional effort beyond Juniper’s next-generation JUNOS Trio silicon technology that the company announced at the end of October 2009.

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Juniper Testing New Silicon for 4 Tbps Platform

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