Level 3 Lands Internet2 Fiber Deal

Level 3 has won a multi-year, multi-million-dollar deal to supply dark fiber for Internet2, a network connecting universities and research labs throughout the United States.

Specific terms of the pact were not disclosed.

Internet2 will enable testing of applications, including uncompressed high-definition video, remote control of scientific instruments such as mountaintop telescopes and electron microscopes, collaboration using virtual reality and grid computing.

“Internet2 operates one of the premier research networks in the world, and we are pleased that Level 3 has been chosen to support their fiber-optic networking requirements,” said Kevin Dundon, a Level 3 senior vice president said.

The contract includes optical fiber cable, fiber-based network extensions, colocation and running line facility space, power, and operation and maintenance of the high-bandwidth network.

Broomfield, Colo.-based Level 3 has 16,000 intercity route miles in the U.S. connecting more than 150 cities and an approximately 3,600-mile pan-European network.

“Level 3 . . . has been instrumental in helping us address our existing and anticipated fiber-optic networking needs,” said Steve Corbato, director of backbone network infrastructure for Internet2.

Internet2 is led by more than 200 U.S. universities. The group is working with the government and private businesses to develop and deploy high-bandwidth network. The goal is to speed collaboration in science and technology research.

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