Meraki Touting Routers in the Cloud

In the conventional enterprise network environment, routers are purchased, and then placed within the corporate LAN or VPN, where they are managed internally.

But oh, how pre-cloud a model that is. Meraki, a vendor that has made its bones in the Wi-Fi realm, is pursuing a different approach.

Meraki’s new MX50 and MX70 routers are managed in the cloud, and come equipped with firewalls for applications and tools to shape traffic.

Meraki is offering both the management service and the hardware on a subscription basis, which means that users don’t have to shoulder an upfront cost, but if they terminate their subscription the routers will no longer work, after a grace period.

The new offering for fixed networks is a departure for Meraki, which has traditionally kept to the Wi-Fi space. Wi-Fi Planet has the details.

Read the full story at Wi-Fi Planet:

Meraki Takes Wired Network Routers to the Cloud

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