Microtel to Build LindowsOS Boxes

After successfully duking it out with Microsoft Corp. for the rights to its name, Lindows.com Inc. Monday forged a deal with Microtel Computer Systems and WalMart.com
to make computers pre-installed with the Lindows operating system available to the public for less than $300.

LindowsOS, a hybrid of the Windows and Linux operating systems capable of running applications for both platforms, will be available
on eight different Microtel computers, each offering varying speeds and capabilities. Each of the PCs will also feature an e-mail
client, word processor, Web browser/file manager, address book, calculator, CD player, MP3 player, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer,
Microsoft Word Viewer, Microsoft Excel Viewer, and an image viewer.

The machines will also include a free trial membership to Lindows.com’s Click-N-Run Warehouse, which offers unlimited access to
hundreds of applications. A full membership is available at $99.

Lindows and Microtel are positioning the machines at a low price point in an effort to make computers as ubiquitous as televisions.

“Every family can have a viable computing solution in their home for the cost of a video game console and every business now has an
affordable and easy-to-use option,” said Michael Robertson, founder and chief executive officer of Lindows.com. He added, “We think
it’s time that computers and computer software came down in price. When color televisions first hit the market, only a few could
afford them — now it’s commonplace for people to have multiple televisions in their homes. That same phenomenon should be taking
place in the computer industry. Lindows.com’s pricing and value will bread down the high-price model. Our pricing will prevent the
monopoly from continuing.”

The Microtel computers featuring LindowsOS will initially be available through WalMart.com.

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