NETGEAR Improves Access and Security in Network Appliance

Networking vendor NETGEAR is expanding its UTM appliance product line today with a new UTM9S appliance that provides VDSL broadband capabilities. VDSL is the next generation of DSL broadband access and currently can deliver as much as 50 Megabits per second of access speed.

The UTM9S is a modular hardware appliance that allows small business to swap new modules into the device that can provide additional capabilities. Under the hood, the UTM9S uses Cavium processors and a hardened Linux operating system.

“Modular is important because it allows small businesses to future-proof themselves,” Jason Leung, senior product marketing manager at NETGEAR told “You can swap in more modules that we’ll produce further on down the line.”

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Netgear Improves Access and Security in Network Appliance

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