New Software Puts IP Phones on Alert

Net6, a network-based application transformation gateway provider, Thursday released a new software feature that can turn IP telephones into a company-wide PA system.

Available today, the new ScreenTop Push Server is a soft blade module of the San Jose, Calif.-based firm’s Transformation Gateway platform. The software allows management to send broadcast alerts and messages to the screens and speakers of IP telephones.

Instead of sending out mass e-mails and clogging up mail servers, Net6 says text, graphics and audio information can go directly to employees who are overloaded with e-mail, or with those who do not have access to e-mail.

For example, a security guard can broadcast a building evacuation notice to users telephones in one or a number of buildings or the human resource department could broadcast important company news and information to select employee groups or the entire organization.

“Having worked with many customers deploying our Transformation Gateway to access applications on IP telephones, we are responding to their requests for the ability to both access business applications and receive information and alerts,” Net6 president and CEO Murli Thirumale said in a statement.

The ScreenTop Push Server is an optional soft module of Net6’s Transformation Gateway network-based appliance. It is downloaded from the Transformation Gateway onto a customer provided IIS equipped Windows Server. In its first release, the company said the ScreenTop Push Server supports the Cisco 7960 and 7940 IP telephones. Other IP phone support is being planned.

The software is list priced from $495 for 50 users up to $6,995 for 5,000 users.

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