Novell Showcases Multimedia Caching

Novell showcased its latest Web caching technology based on the Novell Internet Caching System at Apple’s QuickTime Live! conference Wednesday.

The tool supports QuickTime multimedia streaming on the Internet.

Novell’s chief scientist and vice president, Drew Major, demonstrated control over the playback of live video streams, a technology
intended to enable caching of live streams from the QuickTime TV network, which utilizes Akamai Technologies’ FreeFlow content delivery service and the Novell Internet Caching System.

Caching live QuickTime multimedia streams gives users control over how and
when live multimedia content is viewed over the Internet.

While other solutions have been able to control previously recorded content, the Novell
Internet Caching System can provide the ability to control live Internet

Using the Novell Internet Caching System with support for QuickTime
TV (QTV) streams, viewers of live Internet content can pause, rewind or fast
forward live streams, giving them immediate VCR-style control over live
Internet content.

“The ability to have immediate control over live Internet content by caching
live QuickTime multimedia streams at content provider sites, ISPs, and within
business networks will lead to significant expansion of video traffic on the
net,” said Major.

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