NVIDIA Goes to Market with Quadro FX Series

Graphics chipmaker NVIDIA Tuesday said it has finalized plans to start delivering its long-awaited Quadro FX series products.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company said its NVIDIA Quadro FX 2000 and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000 are now in volume production for use in both workstations and add-in cards. The chips will be available from OEMs and other distributors starting February 2003.

Both the FX 2000 and FX 1000 feature three parallel vertex engines with on-chip vertex cache, 128-bit floating point precision with eight fully programmable pixel pipelines, and a new line engine coupled to a high speed DDR2 memory interface. The chips also support for resolutions up to 3840×2400 QUXGA.

The company said the new graphic chips could run games, 3D graphics and other heavy visual programs up to five times faster than previous generation products.

“The design cycle has been a long, iterative process from concept, to modeling, and final production,” said NVIDIA workstation product marketing director Jeff Brown. “The programmability and performance of the NVIDIA Quadro FX makes production rendering an integral part of real-time design.”

The NVIDIA Quadro FX products also feature NVIDIA’s nView multi-display and OpenGL quad-buffered stereo capability.

The company said it is now lining up vendors like PNY Technologies and Austin, Texas-based BOXX Technologies, which plans on putting the processors in its 3DBOXX workstations running Microsoft Windows or Linux.

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