Penguin Spawns New Linux IDE Server

Longtime Linux server and software maker Penguin Computing Tuesday unveiled its largest Intel Xeon-based storage product.

Under its Relion brand, the San Francisco-based company’s new Relion 430 is a 4U server with an IDE disk subsystem. The 7″ rack mount has 16 accessible, cold-swap hard drives that can be populated with 200GB IDE hard drives, to yield 3.2 terabytes of storage. The server has dual Intel Xeon processors at speeds up to 2.8GHz, up to 4GB of DDR RAM and a 533MHz Front Side Bus.

In addition, the Relion 430 has an AGP slot for advanced graphics, plus additional PCI-X slots (including one PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz and two PCI-X 64-bit/100MHz) for add-on Ethernet interfaces (a Gigabit connection is automatically included).

The company says the Linux server would be good for clustered computing or as a storage unit for database work.

“In building the Relion 430, our goal was to create the largest full-feature data subsystem possible,” said Penguin Computing Director of Product Development and Marketing Cub Karabian. “The Relion 430 makes an ideal head-node and storage server for High Performance Clustering, incorporating storage, fast cluster monitoring, and advanced display options. It can also serve as an economical method for integrating a true database level storage system in a customer’s infrastructure.”

The Relion 430 also incorporates added data security with RAID via 3ware IDE RAID Controller cards.

“There is no doubt that IDE-based RAID storage solutions are gaining in features and sophistication,” said Penguin Computing founder and CEO Sam Ockman. “With the cost-based advantages of IDE drives, customers can get a massive storage server that has vastly superior performance over IDE storage systems of the past.”

A 650-watt power supply is standard for the system, although customers can upgrade to a dual 460-watt hot-swap power supply.

Penguin almost exclusively uses Intel for its large-scale boxes including Xeons, Pentium III and Pentium 4 chips for its high-end Relion-class clustering server and Nevieus workstations. The company defers to AMD Athlons for its less expensive models.

The system starts at $4,314.00 with a 3-year warranty and can be customized.

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