Red Hat’s RHEV 2.2 Virtualization Goes Public

Virtualization is a hot topic, particularly in the enterprise where budget constraints are forcing IT departments to consider a range of technology solutions designed to rein in costs.

Datamation details Linux vendor Red Hat’s latest moves related to virtualization which span both the desktop and server.

Linux vendor Red Hat (NYSE:RHT) today announced the beta availability of its next virtualization platform — Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 2.2.

The RHEV 2.2 release is the first public announcement that Red Hat has made about the virtualization platform since its initial public release in November 2009. The RHEV solution suite includes a standalone KVM hypervisor as well as a server virtualization management product.

On the performance side, RHEV 2.2 can now support up to 256 GB of memory for a virtual machine, which is a four-fold increase over the 64 GB that RHEV supported in November. Additionally with the RHEV 2.2 beta, Red Hat is expanding the platform to support both desktop and server virtualization management.

“The plan will be for a single platform with one installer for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization,” Andy Cathrow, senior product marketing manager for Red Hat’s virtualization solutions, told “It is based on a subscription you buy, and you’ll be entitled to use the functionality for desktop, servers or both.”

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Red Hat Revs Up RHEV Enterprise Virtualization

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