Report: Utah Has the Best Broadband in the U.S.

Think you need to live in a big, urban area to get the best broadband speeds? Think those rural areas are forgotten and neglected? Think again. Content deliver network provider Akamai has issued a report on the state of Internet broadband, and among the facts and figures are some surprising facts about where you will find the best bandwidth in the country. Datamation has the details.

Though New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago are often thought of as fast-moving cities, none of them are among the top ten fastest cities in America when it comes to broadband.

Instead, if you want to live in the city with the fastest average broadband connection speed, you’ll have to move to the state of Utah.

The latest quarterly State of the Internet Report from content delivery giant Akamai puts Sandy, Utah, at the top of the list for U.S. cities with the fastest average broadband speeds, with an average connection speed of 33,464 Kbps (33.5 Mbps).

Coming in second place in Akamai’s third-quarter 2009 report: Iowa City, Iowa, at 27.4 Mbps; followed by Norman, Oklahoma, in third with 26.8 Mbps. Utah also claimed two more spots in the top-ten list, at No. 4 with the city of Logan and its 23.6 Mbps speed; and with Spanish Fork, Utah, in seventh place at approximately 18 Mbps.

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Want Fast Broadband? Move to Utah

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