Silver Peak Aims For Peak WAN Optimization

WAN optimization vendor Silver Peak this week launched its latest effort to maximize data links with the NX-10000 (10K) appliance. The NX-10K has four 10 GbE interfaces and promises at least 2.5 Gbps of WAN throughput. Overall the NX-10K can handle up to 256,000 simultaneous sessions.

In terms of applications that the NX-10K targets for WAN optimization, Damon Ennis, VP of product management at Silver Peak told that Silver Peak has built their appliance for Layer 3 optimization, meaning they can optimize anything over IP. It’s common in the WAN optimization marketplace for vendors to specifically call out certain applications to be optimized on a particular appliance.

“We built the product assuming application needs would be evolving over time and we’d never be able to predict what they are” Ennis said. “So we came at the problem by saying it’s important to optimize everything.”

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Silver Peak Bulks Up on WAN Optimization

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