Silver Peak Opens Up WAN Acceleration

WAN Optimization vendor Silver Peak Systems is opening up its technology with a new strategy called the Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA).

VXOA leverages Silver Peak’s WAN optimization technology to deliver a virtual version that can be tightly integrated with other solutions, by way of an open API and a software development kit (SDK).

“What VXOA is about is the availability of Silver Peak WAN optimization software running on any hypervisor or server platform or as an embedded virtual machine in a third party product,” Rick Tinsley, president and CEO of Silver Peak told

Tinsley added that Silver Peak doesn’t have a vested interest in pushing hardware, though they do have appliances as well. By having the API and the SDK, Tinsley noted that Silver Peak is going beyond a simple reseller approach for WAN optimization with VXOA

“This is not just the resale of a product that sits beside the host product, it’s actually integrated,” Tinsley said.

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Silver Peak Opens Up WAN Acceleration

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