Skycache Delivers Streaming Media to ISPs

SkyCache, Inc. Wednesday launched its Streaming Media transport service, made to enable the delivery of live streaming media directly to servers located at Internet service providers.

By delivering the data via satellite to what it calls the “edge of the Internet,” the inherent
quality problems of transport over the terrestrial Internet are eliminated,
resulting in higher quality of service, the firm said.

The service allows streams to bypass the sources of Internet congestion,
and ensures only one “hop” between the source of the content and the point
where the end user accesses the Internet. This method enables users to
receive high quality live streaming media without the latency and packet loss
so often associated with Webcasting.

“The Internet was not designed to deliver continuous streams of video and
audio,” said Doug Humphrey, president and CEO of SkyCache. “It was designed
to carry packets of data. The Internet needs a new piece of Internet
infrastructure — a broadcast component — to accommodate the increasing
demand to deliver high quality streaming video to end users.”

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