STMicroelectronics Rolls Out BiCMOS Comparator

STMicroelectronics Friday released a high-performance BiCMOS comparator it says will improve notebook computers, PDAs, PCMCIA cards and cell phones.

BiCMOS is a merger of ECL and CMOS wafer processes allowing both types of circuit to exist on the same chip. BiCMOS technology overcomes the limits of the conventional circuits in terms of reduced power consumption and supply voltage.

The new comparator – the TS7211 – comes in a SOT23-5L package and is pin compatible with leading competitive devices.

The company says the TS7211 features micropower consumption, rail-to-rail inputs, and a push-pull output. The idea is to boost the performance of battery powered systems. In addition to laptops and PDAs the devices can also be used for alarms and security systems. The TS7211 can also be used to improve the performance of existing designs built around a less capable comparator.

Swiss-based STMicroelectronics makes memory chips, discrete components, and many types of analog and mixed-signal chips used in communications gear, consumer electronics, computers, and industrial and automotive applications.

Specs for the TS7211 include a 6-uA typical current consumption and 500-ns response time (both at Vcc=5V) to yield a high speed-to-power ratio. In addition, the TS7211 features rail-to-rail inputs and a push-pull output, and is specified for operation at 2.7V, 5V, and 10V. ESD protection extends to 2kV (human body model) and 200V (machine model).

ST often works through long-term alliances with strategic clients. Its top customers include Nokia, Agilent, Bosch, and Sony.

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