Text Mining Software Goes to War

Text mining technology from New York-based ClearForest is at the heart of a second multinational war games experiment being run by the U.S Joint Forces Command and defense officials from Australian, Britain, Canada and Germany.

The Joint Forces plan to use the ClearResearch software analysis tool to displays relationships between key facts buried in separate files. The text mining technology would help the military strategists to quickly tag and analyze information from multiple sources, allowing partners to plan military response to a mock international crisis.

The test — dubbed Multinational Limited Objective Experiment 2 — will run from February 10-28 and ClearForest said the coalition Joint Forces would enact a 2010 Pacific Rim scenario to establish whether they can share information test the enemy’s technological potential.

The ClearResearch technology will be used to read, extract and process any type of unstructured content from multiple sources. The software includes tagging techniques that pulls data from documents, tags them and discover buried pertinent entities, events, facts and relationships, producing XML , the company said. Applications from ClearForest would automatically integrate the tagged content and deliver visual, interactive summaries.

ClearForest, which counts Dow Chemical, Eastman Kodak, Thomson Financial and Ford Motor Company among its client roster, maintains offices in Washington DC and R&D facilities in Israel.

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