The World’s Lightest MD Player From Sony

Sony Singapore has extended its Walkman family to include the world’s lightest Net MD Walkman MZ-N1 to offer users a supremely fast music download experience.

Weighing just slightly more than 87 grams, the device comes with a bundled Open MG Jukebox music management software that enables users to record an entire CD to MD in just minutes.

It is equipped with a high-speed USB terminal, the MZ-N1 is able to provide up to 32x the normal playback speed when transferring music files from the PC to MD. It also features Sony’s G-protection technology, meaning that it eliminates skipping by rapidly recovering from the effects of the shock itself, and hence reducing the reliance on the memory buffer.

In addition, the convenient Jog Dial navigator makes searching songs and groups effortless. Users can rotate the dial with one finger to scroll through the tracks vertically, and push to select the desired point.

Said its manager of personal AV Network Dept, Andrew Chew: “The IT driven community in Singapore has cultivated a culture that is getting accustomed to digital portable music. We have already seen the increasingly variety of portable digital MP3 players in the market. With the impressive growth in number of internet users, Sony’s new Net MD Walkman MZ-N1, which couples high-speed digital music download with high-quality sound, will certainly meet the growing needs of our consumers.”

Customizing and editing of album and song titles has also been made easy for users. They can simply carry out the functions on the PC with the Open MG Jukebox software.

By using the included rechargeable battery and ‘AA’ Alkaline battery, the player can achieve up to an unprecedented 110 hours of continuous playback, making it the longest battery life MD player in the market.

While compatible with various audio formats such as MP3, WAV and WMA files, the Open MG Jukebox software also acts as an ATRAC/ATRAC3 encoder so that music recorded on the MZ-N1 can be played on any compatible MD player. Existing MD media can be used for recording with the MZ-N1. The player is compatible with Microsoft products such as Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

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