Verizon Hits The Mall

Verizon Communications  will showcase its
high-end services in consumer malls, sharing retail space with standbys such as
clothing stores and ice cream shops.

Known as the Verizon Experience, the stores are intended to let Verizon
give consumers a way to explore technology, including EV-DO ,
wireless and FiOS TV service.

Verizon Store

Part of the Verizon Experience.

Source: Verizon

The mall stores will be a place where consumers “can lay their hand on
products,” Verizon spokesman Harry Mitchell told
But what spells success for the marketing tactic remains unclear. “We’ll look at it and see if it works,” he added.

The outlets are what Verizon calls a “natural progression”
of other experiments it has made to create buzz for its services, including
tents at concerts, kiosks, and even hiring ice cream trucks to ring the
praise of the carrier’s service.

Verizon picked two areas with well-developed FiOS markets — Fairfax, Va.,
and Dallas, Texas — to launch the concept, which includes a demo bar where
customers get one-on-one interaction with Verizon devices, interactive FiOS
demonstrations, a high-definition FiOS viewing area, a concierge desk,
interactive kiosks and a gaming area.

FiOS is now available in nine states and claims 117,000 subscribers,
according to Mitchell.

The stores could help Verizon sells more Internet TV services if consumers
can interactively explore IPTV’s features, Nicole Klein, a Yankee Group
analyst, said.

Several others, including Apple, have adopted the mall as a platform for
products. Apple has 147 stores worldwide hawking computers and iPod music
players. However, Verizon said it was taking cues from no one else.

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