VMware vCloud Enables New Global Cloud

The VMware cloud is getting bigger.

VMware is expanding its vCloud program, enabling enterprises to buy and move their virtualized assets across multiple service providers. The vCloud is VMware’s program for service providers to run VMware virtualized clouds. The vCloud program was announced last year and is now expanding to enable virtual machine movement and service purchases across multiple vendors.

Matthew Lodge, Sr. Director, Cloud Services at VMware told InternetNews.com that in 2010 there were only five service provider that signed up for the vCloud Connector Beta. The program now has 25 data centers spread across 13 countries, enabling a global VMware cloud ecosystem.

“VMware provides the technical basis to make sure that vCloud datacenters are compatible with each other and service providers are now extending this,” Lodge said. “As a customer you can deploy a virtual machine into a vCloud provider using a single contract.”

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VMware vCloud Enables New Global Cloud

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