Western Digital Dives Into Pure-Play Networking

It’s not just about the hard drive anymore. That was Western Digital’s conclusion as it surveyed its product portfolio, concluding that it needed to focus more on content.

As a result, the company has taken steps to diversify, including this week’s launch of the Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit, a solution that enables home users extend a data network over their electrical wiring. The new product, which marks Western Digital’s first pure-play networking offering, could enable VoIP calling and port video content to the television. Hardware Central takes a look.

Western Digital, long known as a major player in the hard drive space, has also been steadily making inroads into other areas where it can help users better manage their content. Take the WD TV Live HD video-streaming appliance, or network-attached storage options such as My Book World Edition and WD ShareSpace, for instance.

But rather than focusing just on the storage components or a networking connector, WD is now making its first foray into a pure networking solution, with an eye toward helping users get video content from their hard drives to their TVs.

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Western Digital Plugs Into Powerline AV Networking

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