Xirrus Brings Wi-Fi Arrays Outdoors

Last week, wireless networking vendor Xirrus announced its latest entrant into the space with the XR-2425H wireless array. The XR-2425H is an outdoor version of the company’s indoor XR-2425 wireless array and includes four 802.11n radios and eight integrated antennas. Inside the array is a Linux-based ArrayOS operating system which provides wireless features including security capabilities.

“There are some differences in the design to ensure the product can handle the temperature extremes, but the internal circuit boards of the XR-2425H are all based on the same design as its indoor sister product, the XR-2425,” Bruce Miller, Vice President Product Marketing at Xirrus explained to Enterprise Networking Planet.

Read the full story at Enterprise Networking Planet:
Xirrus Expands Outdoor Wi-Fi Portfolio

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