XScale Pumping Up Wireless Monitors

Intel Friday said it is working with a slew of other companies to put its XScale technology into smart display devices.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip making giant said companies like Philips Electronics, Viewsonic Corporation, AboCom and Tatung would use its low-power semiconductors to process the wireless data interchange between the PC and display.

In addition, Intel has developed a reference design to help speed the development of a range of new generation of smart displays powered by Microsoft’s Mira technology. Mira is a new set of Windows technologies that enables users to wirelessly connect to the Windows XP PC from anywhere in the home via battery-operated smart display devices.

What this means is that wireless monitors will free users from typing on a keyboard in a den or office. Instead, consumers can use their computer to listen to music, monitor news and get weather updates while cooking, watching TV or relaxing with friends.

Philips and Viewsonic say they are planning to use the Intel PXA250 applications processor to power their Mira-enabled products. AboCom and Tatung have selected Intel for their new devices.

“Intel continues to work very closely with Microsoft on the Mira concept, specifications, and reference platforms,” said Intel Extended Computing Operation director Mike Iannitti. “Intel is delivering a highly scalable platform that benefits from the high-performance, low-power features of the Intel PXA250 applications processor, and allows wireless monitors to work efficiently and effectively while accessing PC functions anywhere in the home.”

As part of the reference design, Intel said it would provide many of the core elements, including Intel StrataFlash memory and Intel wireless LAN technologies, to help design teams create Mira products.

The first Intel reference design will be focused on the Mira remote mobile monitor with a 10.4-inch, 800 x 600 16-bit per pixel display. Future platforms will deliver technologies for a primary detachable monitor that can function as the primary monitor for the PC and mobile monitor.

The XScale-enhanced products are on track to be available around the winter holiday 2002 season.

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