Add-ons Connect Handhelds to WLANs

Two companies unveiled products Wednesday that connect handhelds to 802.11b wireless local area networks.

Intel’s Xircom unit introduced its SpringPort Wireless Ethernet module for Handspring Visor handhelds. The module plugs into the Springboard expansion slot on that handheld.

The add-on will cost $299 and will be available later in May, the company said.

Separately, Symbol Technologies (NYSE: SBL) said it would demonstrate its 802.11b LAN adapter for Pocket PCs at the NetWorld+Interop 2001 trade show. The Spectrum24 CF card comes on a Compact Flash card, according to the company.

While the initial release of the product supports Pocket PC, the company said it plans to add support for the Palm OS. Symbol said the product will be available sometime this summer and didn’t provide a price.

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