AT&T Broadband Offers Home Nets

In an attempt to rev up interest in fast internet access, AT&T Broadband said Thursday that it will start offering in-home networking products to its Internet customers.

The products will be provided and supported by Linksys, the cable and broadband access provider said. The offerings will include both wired and 802.11b wireless networking products and are aimed at connecting multiple PCs and devices to the Internet, according to the company.

The networking is to be installed by the user. In addition to paying $45.95 per month for the basic broadband access and cable modem rental, users must pay $4.95 per month for each additional network node.

Large Internet service providers (ISPs) have increasingly been offering in-home networking as a means of spurring interest in the faster access. For example, last year ISP EarthLink made similar offerings to its broadband customers.

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