Belkin’s Five SOHO 802.11 Products Shipping

Belkin announced today that it will be shipping five new 802.11b products in North America beginning November 1, 2001. The company stated that all five products are interoperable with all 802.11b compliant wireless devices but did not specifically label them Wi-Fi certified.

All five products come with the Belkin SOHO Networking Software, which assists Windows-based PC users with network configuration. The company is marketing the products for use in both home and small business environments.

Belkin’s 11 Mbps Wireless Access Point (AP) has an estimated price of $179.99, according to the company. The company is promoting the use of multiple APs to increase roaming coverage.

The Belkin 11 Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Router is expected to be priced at about $229.99. This unit will allow PC and Mac users to share a broadband connection wirelessly. It incorporates a 3-port 10/100 Base-T Ethernet switch, allowing wired to wireless connections.It also has a NAT firewall for added security. The router comes with a setup utility that is browser based. Other router features include IP-Sec pass-thru, enabling VPN connectivity, and DMZ hosting.

Also being released is the Belkin 11 Mbps Wireless Universal Serial Bus (USB) Adapter with an estimated price of $99.99. The device is Plug-and-Play for installation and setup and includes network management software and power management features.

Belkin is also releasing two add-in cards that provide 802.11b connectivity. First, the Belkin 11 Mbps Wireless Notebook Card at roughly $99.99 is a PCMCIA type II solution that fits in many notebook computers. Second, the Belkin 11 Mbps Wireless Desktop PCI Network Card Adapter at an estimated price of $39.99 fits into any available PCI slot on a desktop PC. The notebook card has advanced power management features to extend battery life.

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