Blazemeter Brings Cloud Based Load Testing to the Enterprise

The world of application and server load testing has traditionally been limited by the availability of on-premise resources. With a new service from startup Blazemeter, that changes as load testing can now be done via a self-service cloud model.

Blazemeter today announced that they have raised $1.2 million in Series A funding to help support the launch of their cloud-based load testing service. Blazemeter leverages the power of the open source Apache JMeter project to deliver a cloud service that enables enterprises to load test their servers and applications.

“Apache JMeter allows you to script any load testing scenario that comes to mind,” BlazeMeter CEO Alon Grimonsky explained to “It’s an advanced tool to create an automated process, but running tests is a different issue.”

Grimonsky noted that it’s not easy to scale the open source JMeter release and reporting is not as advanced as it should be for large scale enterprise use. That said, Grimonsky said that he’s a JMeter evangelist, but the execution elements are a problem and that’s where Blazemeter come into play.

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Blazemeter Brings Apache JMeter to Cloud

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