Cisco Takes Aim at Cloud Management with CloudVerse

The cloud isn’t just about server, compute and storage virtualization, it’s also about the network. For networking vendor Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), the network is the foundation for enabling the universe of clouds with a new effort called CloudVerse.

Pat Adamiak, senior director, cloud marketing at Cisco explained to that Cisco’s CloudVerse cloud strategy is all about combining the unified data center and the cloud intelligent network.

“CloudVerse is a portfolio of products and services to help you build out a cloud, public, private or hybrid,” Adamiak said.

A key part of the CloudVerse portfolio is a new set of management capabilities. According to Adamiak, one of the big challenges of deploying to the cloud has been the network configuration piece. The new Cisco Network Service Manager is designed to help solve that challenge.

“The Network Service Manager separates out the specific nitty gritty of how you configure the network gear from the bigger questions of what you want the security policies to be,” Adamiak said. “It handles the interactions at the equipment level and then it in turn is directed to the higher level orchestration software to make policy based decisions.”

The new Cisco Intelligent Automation for the Cloud solution is a management and orchestration solution. There is also a new Cloud Positioning System as part of the data center interconnect solution. With Cloud Positioning, cloud to cloud migration is possible and is supported on Cisco’s CRS-3, ASR1000 and ASR9000 routers.

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