Device Shores Up Wireless Weaknesses

A hardware vendor claimed Thursday to have the solution for “skyjacking,” or unauthorized access to corporate wireless LANs by wireless devices.

Bluesocket Inc. said it will introduce a Linux-based wireless bridge that will solve the concerns about the security of 802.11b networks as well as Bluetooth access.

Recent studies have indicated that 802.11, which is used widely in corporations and increasingly in the home, is vulnerable to being cracked by hackers within its broadcast range.

The company says its WB-1000 sits between the wireless base stations and the rest of the network. It provides access control via username and passwords or the use of digital certificates and it uses an alternative, more secure, method of encryption, according to Bluesocket. The system authenticates wireless users against a local database and can provide various levels of access to specific users.

The WB-1000 will be available June for $5,000, the company said.

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