Eclipse Releases Open Source Orion 2.0 web-based IDE

OrionFrom the ‘Goodbye Desktop IDE’ files:

I’ve been following the development of Orion, since the Eclipse Foundation started the effort back in January of 2011. The basic idea behind Orion is to move development online into a web-based development model.

The Orion 1.0 release came out in October of last year, and here we are four months later with an Orion 2.0 release.

The big shift with Orion 2.0 is its ability to run on a node.js server.

“The small footprint of this server makes it suitable for embedded devices and potentially very large scale cloud scenarios,” Orion developer John Arthorne wrote. “Having all the client and server tools written in the same language also raises some new possibilities and makes the Orion architecture very flexible.”

The next major release of Orion is now scheduled for June. Among the big features planned for Orion 3.0 are expanded deployment options as well as an easier way to get up and running with Orion without the need to first create an account.

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