Google Accelerates Open Source Chrome 27 Browser

Chrome 27From the ‘How Fast Can You Go?’ files:

Google keeps pushing Chrome performance and the new Chrome 27 release is no exception. The top line new item if the new Chrome 27 release is simply stated by Chrome developers as:

Web pages load 5% faster on average

The full detail on why/how Chrome is now 5 percent faster is really quite interesting. It has to do with parser scheduling. The TL;dr version is that by way of resource preloading, earlier ‘first paint’ of a page and a reduction of the number of images that are loaded in parallel – Chrome is now – that much faster.

Here’s the one bit from the Chrome Speed Team’s doc on how they made Chrome faster that really stuck out to me:

“The old scheduler had no limit. The new scheduler will only load 10 images in parallel.”

In parallel, with the speed effort Google is also patching a pile of flaws for which it is paying out $14,633 in bug bounties. The most notable flaw in the pile is a ‘leet’ $3,133.70 aware to Atte Kettuen for a quartet of Memory Safety issue in Web Audio.

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