[VIDEO] Juniper’s Bob Muglia – A Software Guy at a Hardware Vendor

Bob Muglia, executive vice president of software solutions at Juniper Networks, is no stranger to the world of software. Muglia spent over two decades at Microsoft, where he helped define its software vision. Before joining Juniper in 2012, Muglia had been the president of Microsoft’s server and tools business.

At Juniper, Muglia is helping to redefine the networking vendor in the age of the Software Defined Network (SDN). In an exclusive video interview with Enterprise Networking Planet, Muglia details why Juniper is embracing software, the role of hardware, and where open source and Linux fit into the whole equation.

Watch the video interview below:


Read the full story at Enterprise Networking Planet:
Juniper’s Bob Muglia on Software Inside a Networking Vendor [VIDEO]

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