Gridstore Advances Software Defined Storage

The data storage explosion in enterprises large and small is a persistent challenge that needs to be solved. It’s a challenge that storage vendor Gridstore is solving with a “grow as needed,” Software Defined Storage approach.

It’s a business that is also growing and is now going to be fueled by an additional $12.5 million of Series A financing. Gridstore CEO Kelly Murphy told InfoStor that he has raised $15 million since the company’s founding.

The funds will help him to continue to push the company’s scale-out storage approach deeper into the market. Kelly explained that big web properties like Google and Facebook have long had a scale-out approach to storage. In the scale-out approach, new nodes are simply added on to existing storage to create increasingly larger pool of capacity.

That scale-out type of approach to storage has not been as easily available to mid-sized enterprise customer that have needed to buy fixed arrays from storage vendors. In the Gridstore approach, new storage appliance nodes of varying capacity are simply added to the network, expanding the available addressable storage capacity.

“To end users, it just looks like a network share,” Kelly said. “Except that Gridstore is a lot faster.”

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Gridstore Raises Millions for Software Defined Storage

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