RedDwarf Database as a Service Coming to Open Source OpenStack Clouds

At the OpenStack Summit this week, developers from HP and Rackspace took to the stage to describe a new approach for delivering databases as a service, in the cloud. Officially called Project RedDwarf, the effort aims to enable cloud scale and provisioning capabilities for databases.

RedDwarf is being built on top of the OpenStack Nova compute platform. OpenStack is a multi-stakeholder open source cloud platform development effort. HP and Rackspace are both members of the OpenStack Foundation, which also includes Dell, Cisco, IBM, Red Hat and AT&T, among others.

Rackspace developer Tim Simpson said the RedDwarf effort began in April 2011, and HP joined the effort in October 2011. He added that RedDwarf is now not just a development idea, it’s actually being used in production by customers.

Read the full story at DatabaseJournal:
Open Source Project Red Dwarf Brings Database as a Service to the OpenStack Cloud

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