Intel Takes on ARM with New Atom C2000

Rather than just focus the new C2000 as a processor for microservers, Intel is positioning the new chip as a low-power scale-out solution for storage and networking use cases as well.

From a performance perspective, the C2000 is a 22 nanometer, 64-bit processor, based on Intel’s Silvermont micro-architecture. There are 13 different versions of the C2000 System on a Chip (SoC), with the top end delivering up to eight processor cores and support for as much as 64 GB of memory.

Though the Atom C2000 is being positioned by Intel as a low-power chip, it includes features that its high-powered Xeon brethren have only recently gained. One such feature is on-board cryptography by way of a feature Intel calls “Quick Assist.”

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Intel Takes on ARM with New Atom C2000

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