Internet Traffic Set to Top 1.4 Zettabytes in 2017

Cisco is pegging 2017 Internet traffic to come in at 1.4 zettabytes, while all traffic from 1984-2012 combined only totals 1.2 zettabytes.

While the numbers seem big, the forecast is roughly in line with expectations. Cisco’s 2012 VNI report looked at the period from 2011-2016 and forecast 2016 traffic to hit 1.3 exabytes.

Arielle Sumits, principal analyst for the Cisco VNI explained to Enterprise Networking Planetthat the overall global growth is in line with what Cisco expected last year, with a few exceptions. One of the key exceptions is with mobile traffic growth.

“Traffic originating from portable devices is growing faster than anticipated, so that by 2017, 28 percent of Internet traffic will originate with Smartphones and Tablets,” Sumits said. “PC-originated traffic, on the other hand, will account for 61 percent of Internet traffic in 2017, down from 92 percent at the end of 2012.”

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