Looking Into VM Traffic with GigaVU-VM

Virtual machine traffic is now the norm, and it’s not limited to single servers anymore, with machines migrating across multiple servers in a data center environment or even across data centers. To help solve the problem of virtual machine network visibility, network visibility vendor Gigamon this week released its GigaVUE-VM 2.0 solution.

Huy Nguyen, senior director of product management at Gigamon, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that Gigamon’s foundation is all about extending visibility into all parts of the network. The prior releases of the GigaVU-VM solution were able to provide a degree of visibility into VMware virtualization environments that are now being enhanced with the new release.

“With GigaVUE-VM 2.0, we are now able to monitor virtual machine to virtual machine traffic, not only within the physical server but also across physical servers,” Nguyen said. “It’s all about visibility in motion.”

Read the full story at Enterprise Networking Planet:
Gigamon Digging Into Virtual Machine Visibility on the Network

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