Puppet Enterprise 3.0 Pulls the Strings on Software Defined Infrastructure

This week Puppet Labs accelerated the drive toward full Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI( with the release of Puppet Enterprise 3.0. The latest release of Puppet Enterprise adds new cloud and network orchestration capabilities that go beyond what had been available in the Puppet Enterprise 2.5 release that debuted in 2012.

Luc Kanies, CEO and founder of Puppet Labs, explained to ServerWatch that he still comes across enterprises where there is an individual that walks around with a clipboard trying to determine what the status is of connected infrastructure.

“Modern infrastructure and especially cloud technology is very dynamic and transient, so it might be that a workload is running today on a machine that simply won’t exist tomorrow,” Kanies said. “What you need is to have a system that is based on dynamic discovery.”

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Puppet Enterprise 3 Orchestrates Configuration

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