Majority of Open Source Azure Cloud Projects, Hosted on Github

black-duckFrom the ‘Everyone but Linus Torvalds Loves Github’ files:

No Azure is not open source, though there is a growing ecosystem of open source developers that are building projects. New data from Black Duck that was provided to InternetNews sheds some really interesting light on the state of open source cloud development projects.

According to the data, derived from Black Duck’s knowledge based that collects data from the major open source repos, there are some 2,187 open source cloud projects. Amazon represents 44 percent of them, Azure 36 percent, Rackspace comes in at 13 percent and rounds out the list at 7 percent.

For Azure, 56 percent of projects are hosted on Github, 42 percent on Microsoft’s own Codeplex and 2 percent on Sourceforge. I personally would suspect that Microsoft is the leading contributor to Codeplex while everyone else is going to Github.

From a licensing perspective, Azure or otherwise, Black Duck has not yet broken down the projects by license, but that’s something that I’d like to see. I’d bet that Apache 2.0 dominates.

Overall, Dave Gruber, Director of Developer Marketing at Black Duck told me that it’s clear that Github is the favored open source repository for cloud development project based on his data. For me, it’s clear at this point that the vast majority of new open source efforts are headed to Github as well.

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