Multi-Standard Security System Introduced

SMC Networks yesterday launched its EliteConnect WLAN Security System for use in both the home and enterprise markets. The company stated that the product, which is actually comprised of both the Secure Server and Access Manager, is designed to solve common WEP problems and add VPN technology to the tools available for network admins managing user authentication and rights policies.

SMC stated that the EliteConnect WLAN Security System is a network control system that is interoperable with all 802.11 standards, Bluetooth, and wired Ethernet.

The SMC EliteConnect WLAN Secure Server provides network access management and security features. It centralizes authentication and user rights management, presents logon screens, and enforces access and usage policies. It includes built-in VPN support (PPTP/L2TP/IPSec). The product enables subnet roaming without reauthentication or loss of connection.

The SMC EliteConnect WLAN Access Manager product, the second half of the security system, is designed to connect all network access points, regardless of the standard in use, through four 100/100 RJ-45 ports. All client traffic passes through this Access Manager. The manager, which includes an inspection engine, monitors network traffic, enables Layer 3 roaming across multiple subnets, and enforces pre-configured user rights from the Secure Server once the users have been authenticated. The manager supports session logging and persistent session roaming. The Access Manager can also be used as a VPN (PPTP/L2TP/IPSec) termination point where secure tunnels are created between the client and Access Manager.

The SMC WLAN Security System will be available at the end of the month, according to the company. It will be sold through direct marketers and to strategic accounts. It has an estimated street price of $5,999 for the Secure Server, and $2,999 for the Access Manager. Additional information about the product can be found at the SMC Web site.

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