Open Source Desktop Advances with GNOME 3.10

GNOME is one of the primary open-source desktops in use on Linux desktops. The GNOME project benefits from a large and diverse community of developers who contribute to its success.

For the 3.10 release more than 30,000 changes were made by almost 1,000 individual contributors, Matthias Clasen, member of the GNOME release team and supervisor and software engineering at Red Hat, told eWEEK. From a corporate perspective, there are a number of companies that participate, including Red Hat. Clasen noted that Red Hat is deeply involved in all areas of GNOME development, from design, planning and development to release engineering.

The GNOME 3.10 release notes list as the top item Wayland, a display server protocol that is replacing the X server that had been used by GNOME. Clasen said he’s hopeful that with the move to Wayland, regular GNOME users will not see much of a difference at all.

“There will be improvements in the details—such as smooth resizing and pixel-perfect animations,” Clasen said. “But the main benefits will be for developers—the Wayland protocol has learned lessons from 25 years of X, and things that are hard or impossible to do with X will become a lot easier.”

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