VIDEO: Cloudius Building New Open Source Cloud Operating System

Avi Kivity and Dor Laor, co-founders of Cloudius, were formerly at Qumranet, a virtualization startup acquired by Red Hat for $108 million in 2008. Kivity is well-known in the virtualization world as being the “father” of KVM, the open-source virtualization technology that Red Hat, IBM and other major tech vendors now develop.

In a video interview with eWEEK, Kivity and Laor explain what Cloudius is all about and why the cloud needs its own operating system.

“We’re not Linux,” Laor said. “Avi Kivity wrote most of the system on his own with many other good folks that we have on the team.”

Read the full story at eWeek:
Cloudius Builds New Open-Source Cloud Operating System

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