OpenCompute Common Slot Specification Will Disrupt the Server Market

Since the very beginning of the computer era, CPUs have been tied to specific slots.

But that could soon become a relic of a monolithic server architecture legacy.

Frank Frankovsky, Facebook’s director of hardware design, announced today the new Common Slot specification at the Open Compute Summit.

“We’re establishing for the first time a common slot for any SOC maker to design to a common standard,” Frankovsky said. “All the surrounding bits are the same, with DDR memory and network controllers, and now for the first time we will have the ability to have a common slot architecture.”

By having a common slot architecture, the goal is to enable a new level of server flexibility to scale and grow as needed. Frankovsky described the current approach of hardware-bound CPUs as being a monolithic architecture.

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Open Compute Project Launches Common Slot Spec

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