OpenFlow SDN for Security

As it turns out, SDN is ideally suited to help enable security. One company that is aiming to leverage the power of SDN for security is startup TaaSERA. TaaSERA is set to officially launch its suite of malware security products at the end of the month.

Sriniva Kumar, CTO of TaaSERA, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that his company’s security solution can be installed on the span port of a Layer 2 switch. The system can also be connected to virtual hosts as well. The basic idea behind the solution is to provide real-time malware behavior detection and analysis.

Kumar noted that TaaSERA can take the analysis from the company’s sensor and through correlation enable remediation. At the network flow level, that remediation is enable via the OpenFlow SDN protocol.

“We can send OpenFlow commands to a switch and interact at the flow level with the entity that manages the flow,” Kumar said. “With OpenFlow we can provide a better remediation through quarantining, moving the offending flow or virtual machine into a subnet.”

Read the full story at EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet:
TaaSERA Using SDN for Malware Security

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