OpenStack Proposes New Model for Projects and Integrated Releases

From the ‘I wasn’t confused before, but I am now files:

OpenStack Release Manager Thierry Carrez and the OpenStackopenstack Technical Committee have proposed a major overhaul to the project structure at OpenStack.

Apparently there has been some confusion about the integrated release cycle, how things are included and what that means for the complexity of OpenStack deployments.

“In summary the ‘integrated release’ is paradoxically too large to be effectively integrated or upgraded in one piece and too small to express the diversity of our rich ecosystem,” Carrez wrote.

So instead there is a proposed framework that is set to provide better detail for organizing OpenStack projected. The new effort will also be more inclusive then the current one and existing ‘incubated’ projected will simply become ‘OpenStack Projects.’

Personally I was just starting to get used to the DefCore ideas of layered projects and I suspect this framework will work that too. The cloud by definition should be elastic and scalable and so do should the leading organization behind the open-source cloud effort.

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