ORiNOCO Access Server Ups Wireless Security Ante

Lucent Technologies
announced its ORINOCO AS-1000 Access Server that offers secure, broadband
wireless IP network access. ORINOCO Access Server networks may be used
to provide secure, high-speed Internet access in public places such as
airports, hotels, and convention centers, as well as on university campuses
and at businesses.

Lucent claims that a single ORINOCO AS-1000 unit provides up to 11Mbps

Internet access for up to fifty simultaneous users, and multiple ORINOCO

AS-1000 units networked together can offer seamless coverage for large

sprawling facilities, and wireless access to numerous users. End users

can simply log on, and obtain wireless Internet access to check email,

surf the Web, download and upload files from corporate intranets, synchronize

databases, and more. Based upon the industry standard IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi)-compliant

technology, ORINOCO utilizes the unlicensed 2.4GHz spectrum, with ranges

of up to 1200 feet.

According to Lucent, ORINOCO AS-1000 Access Servers are securely encrypted

and eliminate complicated encryption key management by generating keys

at the local access server, rather than at the network level. Also, SNMP

(Simple Network Management Protocol) management tools provide full control

and monitoring capabilities to the service provider and network manager.

In addition to the AS-1000, the ORINOCO family of products includes:

  • the ORINOCO PC Card for laptops and portable computing devices and

    is compatible with Apple’s AirPort™ system,

  • ISA and PCI bus adapters that enable the PC Card to be used inside

    desktop computers,

  • WavePOINT II Access Point, a wireless networking base station for

    large enterprises and campuses,

  • EC and EC/S converters, which enable legacy serial and Ethernet devices

    to access the ORINOCO wireless system,

  • and the Central Outdoor Router and Remote Outdoor Router, which provide

    point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless Internet access.

Lucent is currently working with service providers to install ORINOCO

AS-1000 Access Servers in a wide variety of environments.

Lucent Technologies’ ORINOCO Outdoor Internet Access (formerly WaveACCESS)

technology is also available for ISPs that need high-speed outdoor wireless

Internet access and networking systems with up to a ten-mile range.


Lucent Technologies’ ORINOCO AS-1000 Access Server will be available in

March 2000. ORINOCO products for ISPs and service providers are currently

available through Lucent’s network of Value-Added


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