Partnership Unveils Independent Wireless Testing Lab

The Management Network Group (TNMG), in partnership with inCode Telecom Group, Inc., announced today the formation of what the companies call the first independent wireless development and testing laboratory. TNMG is a management consulting company for the telecom industry and inCode is a tech consulting firm.

The stated goal and function of the lab in this jointly-developed facility located in inCode’s headquarters in La Jolla, CA, will be to provide neutral, real-world testing facilities for wireless technologies including 802.11, 3G, E911, location-based services, and telematics, amongst others.

The companies reported that te lab is already involved in beta testing a number of new wireless apps. They said it is scheduled to become fully operational in the Spring of 2002.

According to the companies, the lab will provide a vendor/protocol/technology neutral environment in which vendors and wireless ISPs can test and evaluate services and apps. The goal is to assist these groups in solving network integration, support, and interoperability issues prior to large capital investments in new ventures. The companies stated that the lab will provide equal access to both engineers and marketers, testing everything from open architecture wireless networks to OSS/BSS software to potential market reaction to new services and apps prior to full development or launch.

The companies describe the use of the lab as a sort of low-cost insurance policy against mistakes in investing in technologies that may or may not be viable or marketable. This could also be beneficial to VC and investment banks seeking to evaluate project feasibility prior to funding commitments.

The companies stated that the lab will be managed by inCode, with oversight by advisory council including inCode and TNMG seats. Additional advisory council members will be drawn from leading executives in the wireless industry.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of

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