Red Hat Looking for More OpenShift Origin Open Source PaaS Contributions

Red Hat is now moving to further enable an open source collaborative development model for OpenShift, making it easier for non-Red Hat people to contribute and participate in the platform’s evolution. To that end, Red Hat is now moving to a new model for contribution, using a public continuous integration (CI) environment and hosting a community day at the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Portland.

“We’ve been building up to this point for a long time, but with the announcement of the OpenShift Origin Community Day, we thought the timing was right to reach out to those who might want to get involved,” Matt Hicks, director of OpenShift Engineering at Red Hat, told Datamation. “While we will continuously improve, we believe we are very close to allowing users to effectively participate in any capacity, in any part of the project they are interested in, which is a big milestone for us.”

The new contribution model will be similar in nature to how the Linux kernel development model currently works with Git ‘pull’ requests for new features.

“Previously, we were closer to a traditional development setup – our developers had direct access to commit, others did not,” Hicks explained. “The real advantage of the pull request model is not in the pull requests themselves but that our developers are going through the same contribution process.”

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