VIDEO: Symantec CTO Stephen Trilling on Big Data Security

In a video interview with eSecurity Planet Symantec Chief Technology Officer Steve Trilling detailed his company’s efforts in the Big Data space and the role of automation.

Trilling noted that now attacks are so complex and coming from so many different places, that the challenge is about finding the needle in the massive haystack of data. Enterprises need to be able to figure out what the malware is, where it came from, how it got in and where it might still be on the network.

Big Data as an industry term is relatively new. Symantec’s efforts to correlate and make use of large datasets predates the term Big Data. Trilling said Symantec’s Big Data platform has evolved over the last three to five years.

The biggest change in recent years has been the amount of data that Symantec is collecting. The more data Symantec can inject, the great the fidelity of the security analysis.

“It’s all about the fidelity and the accuracy that you can get, and that is ultimately driven by the datasets that you bring in,” Trilling said.

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