Verizon Debuts Secure Cloud Interconnect for MPLS

MPLS offers the promise of better security, quality of service and performance levels over public connectivity options. But how do you get an MPLS-based enterprise network to connect seamlessly to public IP-based cloud infrastructure? That’s the challenge that Verizon aims to solve with its Secure Cloud Interconnect technology.

Thierry Sender, director of product development for Verizon, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that the Verizon Private IP/MPLS network is a high-performance global network that is highly secure and physically separate from the public Internet.

“There are no routing elements shared between the public and the private network,” Sender said. “That’s really key for the 4,000-plus customers that are on the platform.”

With Secure Cloud Interconnect, the public cloud is now accessible from a private IP network.

Read the full story at EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet:
Verizon Expands Cloud Services for Private IP/MPLS Networks

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