VMware Update vSphere for the Cloud

Aside from changing the vSphere pricing model, the new vSphere 5.1 update forms the basis of VMware’s overall vCloud Suite. As part of that update, VMware CTO Steve Herrod noted that vMotion, which is the ability to move virtual machines across servers and even data centers, has been enhanced.

In the past, vMotion required shared storage pools in order to work, but as part of the new vSphere 5.1 update that’s no longer the case. VMware is now introducing the concept of virtual volumes as a way to handle virtualization storage needs.

“Virtual volumes are a way to pair up the virtual machine with the storage array,” Herrod said. “As the world moves more to virtualization, infrastructure will become more aware of it and treat it as a first tier citizen.”

In that respect, the new VMware offerings will also take full advantage of Flash-based storage as well provide for better resource allocation. Virtual SAN storage is another component that Herrod mentioned as adding to the overall expansion of capabilities in VMware’s new releases.

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